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[Equipment] Sim card in Verizon LTE iPad

I posted this in the Mac forum, I think this forum may be better suited as it is regarding more about the VZW side as opposed to the iPad side.

I bought the Verizon iPad 3 and I added it to my share everything plan for $10/month plus data in addition to the Jetpack and iPhone on the same account. The guy used the sim card that came installed in the iPad. I am just wondering if the sim card that ships with the LTE iPad (Verizon version) can be used on a post pay account or if he should have used a different sim.

It works fine right now. I am just wondering about technicalities.


Mulberry, FL
A sim card is a sim card. Once that is activated as a post-paid, it's a post-paid and can't be changed. In fact if you de-activate it, the sim card is unusable and must be replaced. You can get them on ebay for about $5 but verizon needs more...maturity with sim cards. ATT has a decent policy, you go into a store and simply ask for a sim card and they hand you one, no questions asked. At this point, the last I heard, verizon can't even sell you a sim card. They definitely have some learning to do.