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I'M Here Till Thursday

Sudbury, MA
reply to NHHD99

Re: Xfinity with TiVo Premiere XL4

said by NHHD99:

The thing is just so expensive $350+ on most websites, it's really too bad that it wasn't a little less expensive.

I bought my first VHS recorder in 1981. $800. With inflation, that's nearly $1900 in today's dollars. I was a college student with more money than brains it would seem.
I just bought the XL4, $750 including lifetime service.

It's interesting to see how we'd value a product. The dual tuner goes for 50-100, or about $450-$500 with service (assuming an upgrade, current owners can get lifetime for $400.)
The benefit of twice the tuners with no extra outlet fee and cheaper than two machines, seems a bargain to me.

By the way, the other interesting feature is if you have two Premieres, you can watch from the other box, streaming, and delete at the end of the show. (Or delete remote box as you wish.) I find this a useful feature.

To your point, I wonder if $299 is a tipping point that gets more attention, any higher price looking a bit high?