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Fiber In Your Diet?

East Palestine, OH

As much as this pains me....

to see unlimited die by the way-side... I think its inevitable. My view about broadband is more like a utility now. (Running VOiP phone service through it, etc.)...

And with media content moving online it just makes sense to meter the usage. And FWIW, I dont find these amounts to be all that bad. Especially since there is a forgiveness window (unless this is just for the beta period).

I am so close to becoming a "cord-cutter" and dropping DirecTV. (Im keeping my Sunday Ticket). I'm just to the point to pay for my comcast HSI, netflix and hulu account and be done with it. Save $100 month.

And with the issue between DTV and Viacom, this is only the beginning. I think over the next 5 to 10 years, we're gonna see even more folks going online to get their content directly. It's just going to evolve. So setting up this basic metering that they are doing is the first step and as long as their prices remain fair I guess Im okay with it.