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North Little Rock, AR
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Re: What can cause slow upload speed?

The 4100 may have a failing capacitor. The capacitor that usually goes bad is the large 1000uf 25v cap near the power input. If it is bulging it's bad.

I have fixed a few 4100 just by replacing any bulging capacitors. I was able to find the caps to replace cheap on amazon.

Another thing to check would be the power supply.

Something to check as a possibility on yours.


Beaumont, TX
I looked at the one I got off ebay and the capacitor was of the board a little bit but not bulged at the top. I will have to find my old capacitor checker or just replace the capacitors to see if I can have a spare back up. I probably check the voltage under a load to make sure it's around 12 volts. Thanks for the suggestions.
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