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Warner Robins, GA

TWC TIP money for Google Gigabit information.

I imagine they would be interested in confirming the real capability of the network. That is in doubt after a Google employee made a passing comment that the initial real world performance of the network would be 50% of what was expected. 622Mbps instead of 1244Mbps. Google later issued a denial that the network would not perform as promised, but many observers remain skeptical that even wealthy Google can get the task done as Google has promised. Deploying the new 24 channel bonding DOCSIS 3.0 modems, TWC could theoretically get 900Mbps download speeds. More practically they could get 600 Mbps. That would enable competition with Google Gigabit, at least if the initial Google download speeds are 50% of what was expected. Theoretical uploads involve 8 channel bonding, which could get about 216Mbps or more practically 144Mbps. That could be competitive at a decent price. The other thing would be just how serious is Google about FTTH or FTTP. Any indications that Google might do FTTC or FTTN in large amounts would indicate that TWC may be able to compete with Google by doing previously anticipated network upgrades sooner. If FTTH is confirmed as the only deployment scenario, TWC will be in a disadvantageous competitive position. It is better for TWC to know that earlier than later.

I doubt anyone who would talk to TWC would know any real information about pricing. I do not think even Google knows what it is going to do with pricing. I would guess Google is more worried about getting the network functioning. People are skeptical the network will ever work because of all the delays and missteps made by Google and Kansas City, Kansas.