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Always the green wire

Mount Juliet, TN
reply to MyDogHsFleas

Re: Federal Government is the real threat.

When you can no longer avoid logic and truth, there's always THE LAMEST comeback on the internet, the "You are the Rush Limbaugh of the *insert target group du jour here* crowd. What's that wheezing sound? Oh yea, it's a last desperate gasp.

Oh, by the way - "it's plainly and admittedly unconstitutional" is not a quote from ANY of my posts. So are we now just making stuff up? I wouldn't fault you for trying - it's worked well for the last 2 administrations!

We - the majority of people here and all across America - reject your delusional (intentional?) BS, and substitute actual reality....
(Now could someone turn off the oven? I believe this one's done to a crisp.)

Austin, TX
ok I admit:

a) the Alex Jones reference was snarky

b) I put quote marks around a paraphrase of what you said, should have said it was a paraphrase of this paragraph: (and a fair one I would assert)

No one here is leaping to conclusions - it's been admitted by Bush, Obama, the NSA, and many others that under the "authority" of new laws enacted under the guise of 'protecting us from terrorism' that this spying is being done en mass, and without warrants. Our constitution plainly states that there will be NO search, seizure, or other violation of our privacy without a warrant, granted only by review of the facts pertaining to the alleged offense.

My bad.