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Re: [IA] moving and MC is trying to charge friend disconnect fee

Burner50 - yayyy the smart a$$ has replied to one of my threads...

well here is the problem with the moving and term. fee.

when he signed up he did so at work and i sit right beside him.
at the time he knew at some point in the future he would be moving, just not sure where. or if it would be in MC coverage.

i recall him saying that day when he got off the phone that the person who signed him up said there was no fee/did not have to keep MC if he moved outside the coverage area.

so, mediacom is allowed to hold customers hostage with the early termination fee?
is my friend not supposed to move for the nest 1 1/2 years?

if this guy supposed to not move because he has a verbal contract with MC?

nonbinding meaning it has been tried before, though small claims, and companies like MC have lost, where they are trying to hold the customer hostage with this rediculous fee and the customer refuses to pay it, but since said company doesnt offer service in that are, the customer is not liable for any early termination fees.

my friend is happy to stay with MC if they services Walker, IA, but they dont, and that is not his problem.
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It's not Mediacom's problem that the customer is choosing to move to a location that isn't in their service area.

When the customer signed up, I'm sure there was some sort of discounted pricing that they received for signing up for a 2 yr agreement. Now the customer wants to split before the end of the agreement after receiving the discounted rates for a part of the agreement.

If the customer wasn't sure they were going to be in the same place for 2 yrs, they should have agreed to a month to month agreement with Mediacom which then you can leave any time with no ETF but you aren't able to receive the discounted rates.

So they made a choice to agree to a 2 yr service agreement with ETFs. And Mediacom has the right to charge for an ETF for breaching the agreement.

Now if the customer was on a month to month, then I would say Mediacom isn't entitled to any ETF.