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Shawnee, KS

[TWC] Problems with uploading with the "50mbit" packag

I moved into my new house in April and set up my old equipment from my old house (of which I've had no problems previously), and then when I do a large file upload, within 10-15 minutes the Arris router reboots.

I've had TWC over a few times, they tried swapping out the route with a different one. Same problems. They decided they wanted to split the line and give me one router for internet (Motorola) and a different box for my VoiP. This caused a different problem where I'd have to reboot the router every 2-3 days cause the internet would just stop working, even under light load.

I call them back, they check the lines now, and the new split takes the strength quality above the "50" (whatever that means) threshold. So they chose to swap out the modems again and give me the single modem so they don't have to split the line the extra time. I'm below the threshold in strength, and they leave.

The first time I try a large upload again, the router reboots on me again. Back to the original problem.

Anyone have any suggestions on what to tell/ask them to get this fixed? Anyone else ever have similar problems as this?

-Larry Laffer