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reply to Mele20

Re: Is it possible to quit Google?

said by Mele20:

You are wrong. With Chrome you get Flash updates force fed and you cannot have Chrome without Flash nor can you allow Flash but control updates for it.

That is true in Chrome but absolutely not true with Chromium. Chromium does not bundle flash.

You also get ALL UPDATES OF ANY SORT for Chrome FORCE FED to you. You have NO choices if you use Chrome.

Not true. Auto-updating can be turned off in Chrome (and is not present at all in Chromium).

Chrome is FULL of privacy invasion crap that is NOT in Iron.

Can you read source code? I am doubting it. Let's listen to those who can. There is absolutely zero difference in Iron and Chrome outside of Iron deleting the code related to RLZ and auto-update. Zero, zilch, nada. No difference. And RLZ and auto-update can be turned off in Chrome.

With Chrome you have married Google and you always are naked in a glass house. That is not true for any other browser including Iron.

IE perhaps?
Getting people to stop using windows is more or less the same as trying to get people to stop smoking tobacco products. They dont want to change; they are happy with slowly dying inside. -- munky99999