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Bakersfield, CA
·Bright House
reply to Name Game

Re: Is it possible to quit Google?

said by Name Game:

Yup..and they might even be safe until the The Stellar Wind begins to blow at the mammoth Bluffdale center know to many as the UDC.


I tried to read and understand what the article was talking about. Basically store everything so sometime in the future it can be decrypted. Next logical step would be to eliminate the Statute of limitations so anyone could be tried for anything at anytime.

say you committed a crime and the evidence to convict you is encrypted...since its all being stored, say in 10 years its decrypted and you get prosecuted. Best we could hope for is a solar flare or something to fry all the electronics but even then i'll bet the data storage facilities will be shielded and hardened against everything short of a nuke going off on the roof.
...Who, What, When, Where, How... Why? Why Not?

Name Game
Grand Rapids, MI

We have given this government too much power...we have rights..and we give them the power..have you ever read so much BS in your life..