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Rockaway Park, NY
reply to kilrathi

Re: [TWC] packet loss / service degraded - amp in rockaway park,

Just called level t3 tech, a guy who already knows me to check upstream snr because i lost internet(modem stayed locked but actual data was not flowing due to upstream problems).

Now its back in limited capacity and this is what is happening, different day same story for past 1 and half months on time warner ultimate internet:

All that packet loss is on the upstream. Level 3 tech told me upstream snr on all 4 channels for the upstream is dropping below 19 and the worst is the 30.6mhz and 23.9mhz channels(higher modulation ones). Its friday I supposed to stream and cast few coh and dow2 matches and cannot do jack, i cant even browse sites normally. Tech forwarded information again to supervisor and hope to get new client relation rep as last one just wants to send normal techs to me after about 10 of them already confirmed for past month that my wiring is good, cable was replaced twice, its not on my end that the problem lies.


San Antonio, TX
Seriously by this point is it really worth all this pain to continue trying to work with TWC?

Just drop them since they aren't doing their job and switch to FiOS. I would make sure to get another big credit out of it before you call to cancel with TWC.