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Newport News, VA

[COX] Has any techs ever seen this problem before...1 channel...

First post here....Im a Cox installer. I went to a trouble call where the cust told me that the Philipino channel would go out some days around 5:30PM. 3 TV's, 1 HSI Modem, only 1 TV had the box and the problem. 3 way in attic with the 3.5 leg to the modem, 7 leg to box, and other 7 leg feeding a 2-way feeding the 2 other basic TV's.

Did a Home cert on the way and modem were passing. Decent levels to back of box. A couple more DB's might make me feel better though. This is the second box they had been through, so I ruled that out. A tech had been there before me and reworked the 3-way in the attic and replaced the barrels in the wall plates.

After listening to the cust explain the problem, I really thought it had to either be headend related, a sat issue, or something is going on around 5:30...maybe a faulty microwave or a neighbor is amping a signal around the frequency of that channel.

The previous tech did not remove the NIU even though the customer did not have phone. I went ahead and did everything Im supposed to do. Went up the pole, changed the fitting, checked levels (good), turned power off to the NIU, checked ingress back (passed), and tagged the line.

Went to demark, removed NIU, added GB with new fittings and ground. At the wallplate, I gained allmost 2db on 133. I was there at 5:30PM and it didnt happen. I called the customer from my house that evening to see if it had happened again. No, and everything looked great.

I had the cust keep my number to call me if they found anything out or if things changed. Im hoping they do call with something like...oh yea, my neighbor has a 88 gigawatt Ham Radio. Anyone ever seen this before?


Oregon City, OR

Re: [COX] Has any techs ever seen this problem before...1 channe

If you could record it off a different node, just turn it over to Maintenance.
Otherwise, could be a tough gremlin to catch. I've seen single channels get sucked out, but rarely.

reply to Cabledawg
Sudden interference at 5:30 = Ingress

Worst case scenario you temp it with a brand new wire until you figure out which run has the problem if regular troubleshooting shows nothing. This is assuming you checked the actual carrier frequency carrying this channel and did not bumble around looking at levels for an hour hmmm.

Don't Touch Me
Columbia, MO
reply to Cabledawg
What is the RF channel number that was affected?

Salt Lake City, UT
reply to Cabledawg
What did you figure out?


reply to Cabledawg
Did you check connectors on the run? I've seen a gap in connector dielectric cause issues like this. Also did you check levels before the three way and at the wall plate to verify no other splits in between?


reply to Cabledawg
it's rare, but it could be ingress on the downstream due to some high powered something or other. LTE phones and towers can cause it if the frequencies overlap. Do you know what frequency that channel is at? If you do, I'd put an antenna on your meter instead of hardwiring it to the cable plant, and take a look at that freq. when the problem occurs.