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Wakefield, MA

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reply to matcarl

Re: Can I replace a remote for free?

said by matcarl:

I'm just curious. How does that happen? Do you people leave your remotes on the floor? How does dogs and rabbits get on top of everyone's furniture? Are these the same pets that eat the homework too

My dog simply steps up on my couch. He is a 100 pound black german shepherd and sleeps where he wants to..with my blessings.
A little training goes a long way.
Take the remote the dog has chewed up, instead of yelling at the dog, in front of the dog be fruious with the remote, go over the top with the performance, yell at it, hit it, thow it against the floor. Let the dog see how pissed off you are AT THE REMOTE.
Dogs look at their masters like they are God, your dog will want nothing to do with anything God is that pissed off at..just give it a try..works well with the trash too.


keep a dummy remote, one out where you think the dog might get it and put the other one away so the dog goes to the dummy remote. I am in no way insinuationg the dog is the dummy here.

I have 4 FiOS remotes ununsed, pay shipping via pay pal and I will send you one. PM me if interested.