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the cerberus

Richmond Hill, ON

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reply to pko200

Re: [Cable] How can I get my SBG6580 Activated with teksavvy?

said by pko200 :

A lot of the time theories do not translate into real world experience.There is no guarantee that 50% of the subscribers will be assigned to channels 1-4 and the other 50% channels 5-8. Since I have owned the SBG6580 for 1 1/2 years there has not been any extra congestion for me by being switched to 8 channels from 4. Over this span of time the bonding on my modem has gone from 4x1 to 4x2 and finally 8x4. The only reason to buy older technology is to get it at cheaper price but in this instance it is false economy. The subscriber will just have to buy the same item twice and has not saved any money at all. There are all kinds of erroneous statements about this modem from people that have never owned it.

You've entirely missed my point.
There is nothing to gain from 8 channels right now because the speed tiers are low enough that 4 is sufficient.
8 channels isnt providing you with any benefit other than POTENTIAL for high speed tiers that arent even sold right now....
The point is that it is possible to mismanage even 8 channels, so claiming it is some sort of improvement right now is bogus.
There are even scenarios where it is worse (like the one listed above).
As long as ROGERS manages the number of users on the channels properly then the only difference between 8 and 4 is POTENTIAL.

Nepean, ON

I'm pretty sure there are more than 8 total channels on the node itself. And Rogers is now in the process of upgrading everyone so in a year or two there will be higher speed tiers.