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When you look at a family plan with several devices, Share Everything isn't a bad deal. First of all, people aren't being forced to switch, and secondly, for people who actually use most of the services they are getting (unlimited voice/text, free MHS), Share Everything is a pretty darn good deal. Spread 6 or 8 or 10GB of data over a family of devices, and for about the same cost you had before you get unlimited voice, and only one data bucket to manage.

My views are my own.
Enjoy being raped.. and you're missing the point. For most this is not a good plan.. for some it may work. But you also miss the point when these companies speak of "value".. meaning what the services weigh for worth. I don't see any "value" in a 1gb data plan for $50 when it USED to be $50 for 5. I also can tell you that MANY people aren't seeing any "value" in unlimited calling when it's CLEAR that the very people they are targeting couldn't care less about unlimited calling to begin with.. ie: no value there. All Verizon did was shift the ball back into their court..

Again, you also miss the point.. when it comes to data only devices, it's NOT a good plan because that data rate went up dramatically. I've already explained that one too.

The ONLY benefit to the "share everything" (which it's not really "share EVERYTHING") is that you can have a little more flexibility in the data used. Quite honestly they could have done that with existing family plans by just making the amount of data in the plan pooled across all devices. I'm also sure that there was GREAT value in reducing unlimited data to 2gb and only dropping the rate by $5 right? You don't get it.. they are not doing anyone any favors in this scheme but themselves..

It really doesn't matter what you and I say to each other anyway. In the end, the only thing that matters is how many customer's wind up leaving over this and I assume there will be quite a few. And, in a way people are being forced - did you not catch that? In two different ways Verizon has made it clear that everyone WILL be switching. You don't get your upgrade and keep the plan you have. No one is going to pay $600 for a phone to keep the plan; most people can't. Some counter jockey at a Verizon store will be right there ready to sell this pile of crap, on base price alone I'm sure, and get people motivated to just go along. (And I'm sure they'll be backed by a GREAT bonus / commission program too during this time) And second, don't think about inheriting someone else's plan either.. that's gone too.

But again, for you I'm sure it works.. for most, it doesn't.


You're comparing apples to oranges. That 1GB is now the base of a whole family plan, not just one line, or for a Jetpack. For some people, there is no value in unlimited calling, as they don't use it that much, but since Verizon never did M2AM or Rollover, for moderate users, it's a lot easier to deal with not having a minute quota, and just one data bucket. I know someone with two iPhones who talks all the time, and has MHS on at least one of them who will save a bunch.

For iPads, the prepaid plans are EXACTLY the same as they were before. For the rest of the data-only devices, they now share data with your Verizon phones, so they end up being quite a bit cheaper, and a lot more flexible. However, in many ways, they are obsoleting the Jetpacks, as they throw in MHS for free. That way, you'd always have your MHS, and if you're going to use it a lot, just throw an external battery in instead of another device with a monthly fee.

Verizon never dropped the unlimited rate by $5. AT&T did. AT&T's 2GB plan is the best plan out there, and I'm grandfathered in to it. Add a corporate discount, and I'm paying just over $20 for basically unlimited data.

People can stay on their existing plan, so unless they leave out of principle, they have no reason to leave. The only plan that is denied an upgrade in unlimited, and those users are welcome to choose the $30/2GB OR the Share Everything plans. The $30/2GB is the same cost as the $30/unlimited.

I'm on AT&T, so I'm just watching and waiting to see if AT&T does anything. AT&T, however, doesn't have the data network to justify a switch to data-centric pricing, even though it makes sense for Verizon.

If you look at Share Everything from a technical point of view, it makes a lot of sense. AT&T has said that their IP-RAN towers are 95% data, 5% voice traffic. Even if Verizon is slightly more tilted towards voice, you're still looking at most of the network doing data, so charging a steep tiered rate for data and giving away voice and text makes total sense.