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Transferring Ownership of Car

In a few weeks, my brother will be selling his car to me. His car is registered in Maryland, and I will be registering it in Connecticut.

From what I've heard, this change of ownership can be quite a bitch - would anyone care to give me a rundown of what to expect?


Middletown, CT
Not a major. Get:

- Bill of sale and signed title
- Talk him into letting you drive it on his reg and license plate.
- Call your insurance company and get insurance card.
- Drive on his reg to emissions testing station for VIN verification and emissions test
- Bring emissions test/VIN verification, Bill of Sale, signed title, reg app form (available at DMV), your ins card, CT driver's license, and (the most important part) your checkbook to DMV and get new reg and license plate.
- Return his plate and reg.


Rider on the Storm
not Sweden
If the car is over 10 years old and being registered in CT from out of state, I don't think you need a title. DMV didn't require one from me when I bought a car from RI and registered it in CT (car was much older than 10 years). OP didn't say how old the car is.