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Andy from CA
Anaheim, CA
reply to joe01880

Re: More HD channels coming by October.

said by joe01880:

said by tnsprin:

said by joe01880:

You make it sound like HD is the only thing those HD boxes are capable of showing.They also show SD channels and there are still lots of folks who dont have HDTV's so verizon is not goiong to be able to force feed HD only programing. Never mind the networks not standing for it, the customer base wont stand for it and im not sure but the FCC might have a part in there someplace.

The HD boxes also can down convert HD signals to SD, so that a user can watch HD only Channels on their SD sets. Or the HD version of a HD channel with both hd and SD on their SD set.

and is the 16:9 HD feed being forced into a 4:3 SD TV screen now just a smaller box in the middle of the screen or does the 16:9 HD feed fill the entire screen? Or does it now have bars at the top and bottom, im sure you see my point.
Why should people with SD only TV's have to pay a price because some want HD only channels to save QAM space to add more HD channels?
If there is no change in picture size feeding a 16:9 HD feed in to a 4:3 SDTV i withdraw my objection.

That's the thing, With an HD box feeding an SDTV an HD channel* you control how a 16:9 picture appears on your 4:3 TV. With a SD channel Verizon controls how the channel appears. With an HD STB you are in control of what the picture looks like.

*Also works with 16:9 SD channels. We have two here in SoCal.