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the cerberus

Richmond Hill, ON
reply to InvalidError

Re: [Cable] How can I get my SBG6580 Activated with teksavvy?

said by InvalidError:

said by the cerberus:

Otherwise I (and many other Rogers users) wouldnt have been able to use SB6120's as SMC D3 gateways for YEARS.

Every now and then there is a bunch of people on Rogers' forum complaining that their non-supported modems are no longer working only to find out they got caught in an audit and their modems got removed from the authorized list.

We may never know exactly what triggers those audits nor why Rogers does them arbitrarily across only subsets of their client base instead of systematically on every authorization request but they do happen.

I wasnt saying audits dont happen, I was just saying that they dont check for what you said (manufacturer/model).

Rogers retail doesnt allow you to use your own modem very easily, and when these people get banned it is because the non rogers modem wasnt registered correctly by the csr (making it look like stolen service which is what the audit is actually looking for).



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I agree with cerberus, Rogers is just looking more for stolen service than non approved modems. The funny thing is the SBG6580 is in Rogers database but is not on the approved list. One Rogers customer wanting to activate the SB6120 was told that the SBG6580 was in their database but not the SB6120.They had to provision it as an SMC D3 yet the SB6120 or SB6121 is approved for Teksavvy which is supposedly not in Rogers database. It is all about MONEY. Rogers is getting a cheap deal on that SMC garbage. If a customer wants to pay the extra money they should be able to buy the modem that they want. The Motorola SBG6580 is a great modem which I have been using since 2010 on Teksavvy's network. I keep buying Motorola modems because they are reliable and last a long time. They have a proven track record. I have had various Motorola modems since the late 90's when they made analogue ones. If a customer prefers a non gateway model the SB6180 would be a perfect fit for them. That would work just as well. Look at my signal levels, I am using cheap rg59 coax and the modem is still stable. I could increase my levels by upgrading the cable to rg6 but I haven't had the need to.