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Tampa, FL

[Tampa] Current Brighthouse DVR's (Please post info)

Have had BH in Tampa about 20 years and currently have a SA 8300 on my SD TV and an 8300HD on the HD set. I also run a 500 gb WD esata on the 8300SD with no problems.

Lately both DVR's are needing to be rebooted almost daily as they will not show up after using the DVD or for other reasons. After several calls and line checks, BH suggests new DVRs as these have been in use about 6 years just by me (they may have be reconds). Which leads to my request for assistance. I have searched on my own before asking for hard drive size, ability to add an esata HD and oddities of the current Brighthouse offerings. Any information or recommendations would be appreciated. Current offerings I am considering are:
SA 8300 160 gb
SA 8300HD 160 GB esata HD support
SA 8300HDC ?? ??
Samsung SMT 3090 ?? ??
Samsung SMT 3270 ?? ??
Samsung SMT 3272 500gb ??
Cisco 8640 HD 160 or 320? ??
Cisco 8642 HDC 160 or 320 ??
Cisco 8742 HDC 500gb ??

I understand the Cisco card (c) models don't work with esata HD's?? I understand the Cisco 7640 and 42 are at the end of their production run.

What has BH given out that you know of for the multi room DVR's and their info? I've heard 500gb but no model mentioned.

I've posted what I know on Hard Drive size and esata or usb friendliness and would appreciate some help in filling in the many blanks with accurate info and recommendations before I make my case for a specific unit.

Please feel free in your recommendations, comments, likes, dislikes. With enough input we may be able to make this a gathering post for current BH offerings information.
Thanks in advance