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Naperville, IL
reply to WOW_Dan

Re: Naperville Clear QAM Issues, Channel 60 in particular

Had one tech over last Sunday that turned into two techs for probably 2 to 3 hours. They tried allot of things, were driving to other drops and the fiber. Net result is that signal is much stronger near 100% on 60, however the picture still deteriorates when it hits the splitter. When they left, the best picture was a +10 db Amp going into a 1 to 4 -10 db splitter. Whatever they did degraded my neighbors cable even worse, as he stated he was getting constant pixelation on his QAM tuner TVs.

I bought an amp on July 4th to see if I could fix the problem on my own. The two techs were against the amp at first, but at the end they embraced it as it was the only way to get a steady picture. I have a 4 tuner HTPC, and 2 tunners can not obtain 60 while 1 tuner can not obtain 63 which never was a problem until 2 weeks ago. Prior to 3 weeks ago, running a 1 to 5 splitter with out issue for the last 5 years of so.

Been really busy the week and its summer so not much taped. Only thing that I notice when watching TV is stoppages around magic times like midnight and 2am. My house is on the warm side, and the UltraTV modem is located in the computer room, and its the noisiest device in the room by far. The UltraTV modem is on its own dedicated line, but I wonder if it is broadcasting noise back down the line which then transfers to the dedicated QAM line. During the UltraTV installation the tech said UltraTV required a filter to be installed on the house feed to prevent the UltraTV signal from interfering other customers.

Big Jimmy

At this point, what happens if you remove everything but a single splitter (one to the modem, one to the HDHomeRun)? I ask this because it could be that somewhere down the line you've got some weird leakage/backflow which is mucking things up. It's probably not the solution, but at least that way you can 100% rule out that it's the line coming into the house, and not a funky splitter or other device down the line.


Naperville, IL
Just got a 30 seconds 3am freeze on ESPN. Its wow's way of saying that i need to goto bed. I am pretty sure that the QAM cable going into a HDHomerunner tuner will work without issue, at least it did before. But then it work with a radio shack 5 to 1 slitter for many years before that.