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Des Moines, IA
reply to v_lestat

Re: [IA] moving and MC is trying to charge friend disconnect fee

Here is a link to the Mediacom Commitment period for the Value Plan Agreement.

»mediacomcable.com/legal_Commitme ··· iod.html

As you can see it clearly states
If eligible customers disconnect and fail to keep the service(s) for the length of this agreement they will be subject to an early termination fee (ETF) of up to $240.00. The ETF will be reduced by $30 every three months for the life of the 12- or 24-month contract. For example, if disconnection of services occurs from 31 to 90 days after installation the ETF will be $240, and if disconnection occurs between days 91 and 180, the ETF will be $210, until the ETF goes away when the two-year agreement ends.
Once a Geek always a Geek

Indiana's No. 1 Zero

Walkerton, IN
It sucks and there are cases where I believe this should be waived but Mediacom has every right to claim an ETF. Right or wrong, it's in the agreement.


united state
reply to IronDragon
Great link, but where are the stipulations?


New two year contracts are a total waste of time. Current bill is 182. First of the two years would be 169 and the 2nd year would be 189. I don't see much advantage to be locked in to something that long to save a a couple dollars a month. Now I need to figure out what services to drop to make it more affordable or leave.