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Big Jimmy

reply to kingofspain

Re: Naperville Clear QAM Issues, Channel 60 in particular

At this point, what happens if you remove everything but a single splitter (one to the modem, one to the HDHomeRun)? I ask this because it could be that somewhere down the line you've got some weird leakage/backflow which is mucking things up. It's probably not the solution, but at least that way you can 100% rule out that it's the line coming into the house, and not a funky splitter or other device down the line.


Naperville, IL

Just got a 30 seconds 3am freeze on ESPN. Its wow's way of saying that i need to goto bed. I am pretty sure that the QAM cable going into a HDHomerunner tuner will work without issue, at least it did before. But then it work with a radio shack 5 to 1 slitter for many years before that.