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questions about Netflix

first off, is the Disc rental service still availible? i went to Netflix and they only talk about signing up for the streaming, but i saw no links to go to their Disc rental site or include it as a bundle.

my 2nd question is, i know the streaming catalog is limited but do they still get ALL MOVIES in disc form, regardless of which company the film comes from(Paramount/Sony/ect..)

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Can I get DVDs by mail from Netflix?
Yes. During sign up, you can add unlimited DVDs (1 DVD out-at-a-time plan) for only $7.99 more a month. With DVDs by mail, you'll get an even broader selection of movies & TV episodes. You can exchange each DVD as often as you want with no due dates or late fees — ever! You can add access to Blu-ray discs to your account at any time for an additional $2 a month.

Looks like you can still get DVDs by mail. Not sure about the releases. Meaning are they limited, could be. Is there a 30 to 90 day hold before they are available? I think so. Just like the streaming, Hollywood tried to protect it's revenue sources.

I just use netflix streaming. I get my discs from Blockbuster movie pass from Dish network. Just 10 bucks a month as a dish customer and I can even get games.
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oh yeah i understand that they have delays with certain stuff cause of other providers paying for an exclusive time period but i dont mind waiting a month or so, just wanted to find out if ill be able to atleast get everything else on Disc that will never be availible for streaming.

cause i dont really wanna have to bother managing multiple streaming accounts like Amazon or Hulu Plus just for Paramount Studios films(example) or whatever isnt available to Netflix streaming, if ill' still be able to watch movies on Disc

plus i found the DVD site after some googling »dvd.netflix.com

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reply to xocsucram
No longer bundled.... one or the other or both... at a higher cost than used to be.

My only complaint is that not all on DVD is available streamed.