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Johnstown, PA

Cable Card Tuners ABB refuses to obey FCC law on Discounts!

I just purchased a Ceton InfiniTV 4 PCIe card, first the woman at the local office in Johnstown PA was very rude about my choice to use a Cable Card! second they refused to hit the card from the headend and resulted in a unnecessary truck roll that I told the I refuse to pay for because they were at fault for not listing to me! and they said if I was at fault they would charge me. Guess what I was right the tech had to hit the card from the Head End!

Then comes the FCC law that says they need to deduct the cost of the equipment I was leasing prior to going to a Cable Card, this is were they may have dug themselves a grave, they told me if I return the DVR and HD receiver, I would be breaking my bundle and I would be charged ala carte? the law clearly states they have to discount me the published rate for the equipment that was included in my package!!

I have filed a complaint with the FCC about the clear law violation and also contacted the Attorney General, Ceton also asked if the could help and I agreed! they called ABB and Ceton told me they (ABB) would call me, when that call came they had the nerve to offer me a $2.00 discount? I refused and she said I was already getting a discount in my bundle and they could not give me anymore! because they would not be making any money!

I told them I would let the FCC deal with them and I was trying to work with them to sort this out before the FCC forced them to obey the laws! so now I have there equipment in a closet because I can't return it with out penalty yet and will demand a refund for it from the day I activated the Cable Card! has anyone else on ABB in PA had this issue? have you filed FCC complaints? if not I think we need to stand up for our rights and do what ever it takes to get this sorry company to Obey the Federal Laws imposed on them! this includes Tivo users, I don't know about you but I am tired of Company's walking all over consumers and believing they are above the law. I should be getting about a $45.00 discount and if the debundle me I will be paying $60.00 more than I am now!


Johnstown, PA
I forgot to mention one of there installers Stole a Narcotic Prescription from my disabled wife! he knew she was legally blind and didn't get it the first day! so he came back the next day unannounced in uniform and said he forgot to take a reading?

ABB verified he was not authorized to return and did not report his stop, he denied it but I have Cameras outside my home linked to my security system that busted him! ABB never once offered anything for there employees wrong doing yes He was arrested and charged.

I never filed suit against ABB even though they are responsible for there employees actions, I reminded them on the phone there is a 2 year statue of limitation to sue them and they still didn't care about the FCC law! the case is public info at Cambria County Court House, there may have been more victims of the Employee?
if a Johnstown PA ABB installer stole from you PM me if you know the name of the Installer? if it is the same person I will pm the court docket # to you! I will not post his name because I don't want anyone making false claims! I am Ex law enforcement and will not allow a witch hunt to start just because you hate ABB.