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Evans, GA
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Re: [MoP] Pet battle preview

Originally posted by Blizzard (Official Post)

For years, your faithful companion pets have followed you on countless adventures. They've provided you with comfort, company, sometimes even with entertainment and hours of fun. Maybe you only have a handful of pets you really love, or maybe you have made it your quest to capture as many of them as you can. The fact remains, heroes love their little companions... and in Mists of Pandaria, they will take the spotlight in a brand-new way.
You can teach your pets unique abilities and attacks, and they will use these abilities when battling other pets. As they fight and win battles, your pets will gain experience and level up, which makes them tougher and may even unlock new abilities. Venture out into the world, collect pets wherever you find them, and train your pets to help them reach their maximum potential!

What's more, you will also have a brand-new way to add more pets to your collection. In addition to purchasing pets or getting them as item drops, you can now also encounter and capture pets in the wild. If you run into one of these pets, you can have your own pet challenge it; if you manage to defeat the capturable pet, you will capture it and add it to your collection! Those capturable pets have stats that vary, so you may end up catching an exceptionally powerful pet. Keep your eyes open!

Your in-game pet journal will help you stay on top of your current roster of pets. In this journal, you'll find vital information about each pet you own, including their names, stats, abilities, and more.

The pet's name
Naming your pets helps you keep track of them, and it also gives them a little bit of personality.
As your pets fight and win battles, they will gain experience and level up.
Each pet has 4 stats - Health, Power, Speed, and Quality. Health, Power and Speed increase as your pets level up. Quality designates the overall strength of your pet's stats and will vary on every pet that you catch.
Your pets can learn new abilities when they hit specific levels. You will be able to choose between several different active abilities for each pet.
Pets are grouped into common categories called families. Families include Critter, Dragonkin, Mechanical, Magical, and there are many more. Each pet ability also corresponds to a specific pet family; Deep Breath for example is a Dragonkin-type ability, and Lift-Off is a Flying-type ability. Family determines a pet's strength and weakness against other families. Each family also has a unique passive bonus.

Training your pets is important if you want them to succeed. You can seek out pet trainer NPCs who will offer experience and achievements for your pets if you can defeat them in battle.

They've been at your side through thick and thin. Now, get to know your most faithful companions from a whole new point of view, and discover their full potential. So gather your pets, train them well, and maybe one day you will make a name for yourself as Azeroth's most renowned pet trainer!
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