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Tyler, TX

[request] Main forum page too long, cluttered - TMI on one pag

The DSLreports forums main page "new" GUI is like no other forum I know of. A few suggestions for improving useability.

With all forums & ALL sub forums, with several excerpts of recent posts in each - all on one, long page, I find it harder to find what I want than most well thought out forums. It's a classic example of "too much info on one page."

If I visited DSLR a few times / wk, every week - sure, I'd learn where stuff is. I can find things in my cluttered garage that no one else ever could. That doesn't mean it's well organized.

IMO, it'd be much better to have main forum headings on one page, w/ consistent spacing & length.
Having 3 columns, w/ all forum listing "objects" all being different lengths is WAY harder to read than consistent spacing & sizing. That's why you rarely see this style on professionally developed, businesses' / corporations' sites.

Possibly list sub forums under main forum in small font.
Some forums have WAY too small fonts on forum listing page. DSLR has way too big fonts on »/forums/all

Putting subjects or excerpts of several post from each forum on main forums page takes up a LOT of room. They may not be helpful to new / infrequent users in "finding the correct forum to post in," because the post topics / subject often don't really belong in that forum (or there's not really a specific forum for the topic).




Re: [complaint] Main forum page too long, cluttered - TMI on one

There was a 37 page thread full of complaints when Justin did this in 2010. Despite the complaints, Justin loves it; It's not going to change. See »New forum page look