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Toronto, ON

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Re: IPv6 beta

Just to report success using a Cisco E4200 router. After enabling Setup > IPv6 Setup > IPv6 Automatic, the IPv6 section of "Status" showed "PPPoE - Native IPv6 " with the IPv6 address I was assigned, IPv6 DNS etc.

Then in my linux desktop (ubuntu 12.04) I just enabled IPv6 on the wireless interface. Finally, in Firefox > about:config, I setup "network.dns.disableipv6" to false.

After this, test-ipv6.com passes the test with a 10/10 score.

I also installed the "sixOrNot" firefox extension, with which I learned that google.ca, gmail, googlemaps, wikipedia are all using dual stack and I am browsing them all using ipv6. Really painless, really cool.


I recently was assigned some ipv6 addressing, and haven't quite been able to get it to work with freebsd.

I was assigned;

IPv6 /64: 2607:f2c0:a000:11e::/64, and
IPv6 /56: 2607:f2c0:f00f:a600::/56

my current setup is fxp0 is my pppoe interface for ng0.

dc0 has been assigned 2607:f2c0:a000:11e::10
ng0 is assigned 2607:f2c0:a000:11e::1 via an ifcfg-up script.

I've set 2607:f2c0:a000:11e::1 to be the defaultrouter

ipv6_network_interfaces="dc0 ng0"
ipv6_ifconfig_dc0="2607:f2c0:a000:11e::10 prefixlen 64"

dhcpd6 is correctly handing out addresses and all machines on my lan can ping each other via their ipv6 address except nothing can ping 2607:f2c0:a000:11e::1, except the freebsd machine itself.

Ping an external address results in

PING6(56=40+8+8 bytes) 2607:f2c0:a000:11e::1 --> 2001:4860:4008:802::1014
ping6: sendmsg: Network is down
ping6: wrote ipv6.l.google.com 16 chars, ret=-1

After much struggling with no success I found this »www.mmacleod.ca/blog/2011/08/ipv ··· freebsd/ but it hasn't made things any better.
Anyone else able to get this working?