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Key West, FL

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reply to dgoner

Re: [DIRECTV] Viacom

said by dgoner:

So tired of being played like a pawn in a game of chess. Maybe it's time to tell them all to stick it and cancel it

Yup and look at the the DISH vs AMC last month, same thing....just be reasonable, and there aren't problems.

Its always interesting when these things happen. Who is the bigger BS'r, and again which side various people take from the antagonistic promo's. Even discounting those who think cable is a God given inalienable right.

Maybe what providers should do is force a common date for all contract renewals, then Viacom/provider would be saying we are pulling the entire country vs 20mill or so here and there... OR rationally negotiate.

so programmer can't get advertisers $$$$ which AMC can for Mad Men 4x EMMY WINNER..... BUT THATS IT.

The Shows not getting the numbers are also very high $$$ productions. And Mad Men ONLY winner???

The other semi popular AMC shows have their fans but not the numbers. Much more niche audience, vs Mad Men's broad appeal

Again so AMC sorry you overextended yourselves, be real, get it from the advertisers not your forced viewer.

Or start cutting the costly laggards.


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It's been a while for us now. The only program the kids miss is Futurama, but it's $2.84 per episode (in HD) from Amazon about 5AM ET the night after Comedy Central airs it.

Someone has to stand up to content creators. Viacom has not introduced much new, and provides a lot of content on Netflix, Amazon or Hulu Plus, not to mention Viacom's own sites (until this dispute when they took it down).

Why should any content distributor pay a large increase when the content being sold is available from many other sources at no cost to the viewer?

Aside from my kids and Futurama, which was easy to solve. There hasn't been a thing from Viacom on DirecTV that we missed.

Spike, Logo, Comedy Central, Nick ... OK, I at least know what those are, but the kids only watch Futurama and maybe some Nick when bored. What the heck are the other 22 (of the 26 channels Viacom and DirecTV pulled) channels I never watch??
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