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Caveat Emptor
Earth Orbit

How unlimited is 'unlimited LTE/4G'?

I was grandfathered in from unlimited 3G to unlimited 4G when I upgraded from a Droid X to a RAZR Maxxx.

I checked my usage and from July 12 - 16, Google Reader pulled down 0.89 GB in background activity (1.47 GB total in data according to VZW's app). That puts me roughly on track to use 8.82 GB by August 9.

None of that is from tethering or streaming video or music, just reading my RSS feedings via Google Reader and browsing the web via Dolphin HD browser (agent set to Android).

Does Verizon throttle or cut off what it considers to be 'heavy users'? I had no idea that I was using so much data until I checked the onboard data app under ICS and using the My Verizon app.
If we lose this freedom of ours, history will record with the greatest astonishment, those who had the most to lose, did the least to prevent its happening.

Warner Robins, GA
I have gotten notes on my bill that say my previous "Unlimited" 3G data for my LG Voyager Titanium is now restricted to 10GB.


Pittsburgh, PA
reply to Krisnatharok
In short, no.

You're on unlimited and it is unlimited.

The only time you MAY be throttled would be if you're on 3G and have been labeled within the top 5%. At that point, you'd only be throttled if the tower you are on is congested and the throttling would be removed once the congestion is gone.

If you are on 4G, there is no throttling (at this time).