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This is a sub-selection from The double-dip

My views are my own.
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Re: The double-dip

What gets me is that they keep crying that they need more money because their system is being over taxed...

... okay so let's stop right there.

Generally when you need to collect a higher toll for an over taxed system you're saying one of a couple things.

1) We need to increase capacity so we need more money to build out the system that we rent to you.

2) The over all experience to our customers is being degraded so we're going to refund a portion to our customers for under delivering them what they've already paid for so we're refunding. (This is a joke as it would never happen)

So.. where are all these network performance increases? I don't think they're really increased capacity or improved services to existing customers in which they are charging more. They ARE building out another generation of network at the expense of current users that will also have to spend more money to access it, AND at a premium, because you know, "WE spent and invested in this network" which is pure bullshit. In a sense they have collected a tax on the user in order to build out a new structure. They didn't dip into existing profits, nor did can they claim they went out and raised capital either.. I just find all these extremely bold moves on their part to be gouging the customer. I wouldn't expect any less of any phone company.