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Brooklyn, NY
·Optimum Online
·Verizon FiOS

speed can vary.. it's a cablemodem!

My speeds have been farily consistent.. the max is about 59.x megabits down and 8.2x up. These are the upto speeds. Most speedtests show consistent speeds. I haven't had something download at top speed for hours on end, so don't know if it's sustainable @ 59mbit 24/7/365. Also, for some reason, the speakeasy NY test seems to fail regularly under-reporting accutate speeds. The optonline speedtest.net consistently shows (for me) 55-59mbits.. rarely less than that. Some falloff can be from 4 of the channels having interference or weaker signal strength downstream, as I see correctables rise in 4/8 of the channels. However, $44.90 a month vs FIOS $90 for stand-alone 50/25?!?!? This is a no brainer if you don't need massive upload.. and you get the average docsis 3 QOS (which, for now is good). It's more difficult to compare apples to apples on triple play now since the channel lineups are different, voip has taxes & fees, and you pay more & apparently get more broadband speed on the upload with fios. Verizon failed to make the argument of much higher quality when they were offering the similar 15/2 speeds as Optimum online and gouging for POTS over fios... Not really biased.. I loved FIOS when I had it too.. but IMO, now it's too expensive