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Woodbridge, VA

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Re: So who upgraded from the 35/35 to the 150/65 bundle?

Well I finally pulled the trigger on the 150/65 tier. They didn't even give me a choice of an installation date, but at least they gave me a Saturday. But Saturday the 28th and an all day window. And there was only a mention of the tech needing to replace my router. There was no mention of replacing my ONT for some reason.

Is the router for the faster tiers physically the same size as the other routers, or is it larger? If it's taller I will need to put it in a different location since I made the shelf space just large enough to fit the height of the FiOS router from five years ago. Although I guess I really only need to have the router in place while the technician is there. Then I can go back to my Dlink DGL4500 router. Or an ASUS RT-N56U, if I get one by the installation date.



I have had both a Rev. F and a Rev. I router. I can tell you than the main bodies appear to be identical dimensions. The Rev. F has one large antenna, the Rev. I has two smaller antennas. The power adapter is different, the Rev. I uses slightly more amps than the Rev. F.

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West Chester, PA
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You don't say which revision of the Actiontec router you have. The rev. C through the rev. I are all the same size. The rev. A is considerably larger.
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