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This is a sub-selection from Whatever.

My views are my own.
reply to aztr0

Re: Whatever.

said by aztr0:

Honestly, this won't affect me... its like once in a blue moon I bother to use Facetime and when I do, I have wifi.

I feel the same way as you do.. I don't see myself using face time while on the go, at all. However, it's a precedent setting issue. Be you like or want to use facetime over 3G or not, people need to take a stance against this or they will continue to degrade the use of the service already paid for.

It's a major slap in the face to the paying customer when they're trying to pull this crap on people when moving to tiered measured plans already takes care of this. This is no different than charging $20 a month to use the data you already pay for on a meter too.