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Nitro, WV

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Re: lost power for two days, but SL shows 12GB of usage? How?

So, I just talked to tech-un-support again about my speeds. What did I get,

Lisa from SeldomLink "Well, you show heavy OVERUSAGE of the internet, you drew 14GB of data yesterday."

Me: "Okay, let's back up, explain to me how I drew 12GB of data when my power was off and I wasn't home on June 30."

Lisa "I didn't say anything about June 30."

Me "If you have sooo much faith in your meter, explain to me how I drew 12GBs of data on June 30, while I didn't have power, and wasn't home."

Lisa "I didn't say anything about June 30."

Me "I'm asking, how did I draw 12GB of data without power to my house?"

Lisa (broken record)

And no response from Pete?

I just love when my internet usage gets thrown in my face.

Lets look at it this way....14GB = 14336 MB = 114688 Mb
24hrs=1440 min = 86400 seconds

Okay 114688/86400 = 1.33Mbps. WOW!!!

Let's take the cap: 250GB=256000MB=2048000Mb

30 days = 720 hrs = 43200 minutes = 2592000 Seconds

2048000Mb/2592000s=0.79Mbps = 809Kbps constant to reach the cap in a 30 day month. So, you buy 10MBps internet, but are allowed .79Mbps, pretty telling, isn't it.

Who says math isn't fun.

So, how did I draw 14GB in a 24 hour period. I have a new online backup provider and it's running at about 1Mbps upload constantly right now, so 86400s*1Mbps = 86400Mb = 10800 MB. Oh, and remember that 1 GB = 1000MBs to Suddenlink, not 1024MB, according to convention of binary numbers. So that's in itself is 10.8GB, not including any downloads. Yes my upload stays consistant. When my backup is done, the amount of upload will back off.