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Expired Food


msft.digitalrivercontent.net iso's

so my win 7 cd is scratched and makes this flicker sound when i insert it into the optical drive....i got infected with malware and want to format/reinstall

i was wondering how safe those iso's are....

i would hate to download it and enter my legit product key and be part of a botnet or rat/trojan

you can never be too paranoid these days....

Brownsville, TX
ya dont trust that stuff instead just download the windows 8 trial its safer and better then windows 7

Sherwood, MI
reply to Expired Food
They are safe because those are what people who buy Windows online from MS download.

Check it against their SHA-1 sums which they let any one see (but you can't download without a subscription from this page): »technet.microsoft.com/en-us/subs···FileId=0
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reply to Expired Food
Perfectly legitimate.
You can, & want to, verify the hashes of the downloaded file directly with MS at MSDN or technet.

Just make sure you download the correct version that you are licensed for (it can be confusing).

AFAIK 32 or 64-bit is immaterial (your key is good for either).
Likewise your key is just as good for Win7 (gold) as it is for Win7 SP1.

Oh, & almost any version can be changed to (almost) any other version (or you can be prompted on install) with a very simply change (& even simpler if you "install" to a Flash drive rather then DVD). IOW, I downloaded "ultimate" (woop-de-do), but I can use that same (now fixed) download to install "pro" or "home" ... (Now only the version you are licensed for is good to you, but if needed to install elsewhere that was using a different version, you can use the same original download as a starting point.)


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reply to Expired Food

Out of curiosity, have you tried copying the .iso to your desktop then burning a new dvd with this .iso? There is times when you can still take a quality iso copy even with scratches.

It is worth trying.

Otherwise do you know anyone else you can copy their dvd to an .iso file and burn it to dvd for yourself?
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