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Sardis, OH

upstream power level and intermitent slow speeds?

My upstream power level is only 18db. I was reading before that was way too low. I was wondering if this could be causing my internet to intermitently get slow speeds and high ping? Also my modem doesn't seem to disconnect or anything like that it just goes from full cable internet speed to mediocre and also ping spikes at random times.

I have told cable company about this before but nothing gets done. Hopefully they will listen to me and figure out how to get the signal levels back to normal. Does anyone have any expertise in this? Thanks.


Sardis, OH
i'm convinced the low upstream isn't affecting speed at all now. My signal stays pretty much at 18db and my speed has been solid for about the past 2 days. Plus i don't get any disconnects. So as long as everything works good i suppose its ok?