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Baby's on Fire
Fpo, AP

[Anime] More to watch!

I'm used to watching multiple animes at once. Right now I'm down to the new Sword Art Online and that's it. I'm looking for an action or comedy (or a good combo of both) that either started recently or is starting now. I've watched a huge spectrum of anime from Azumanga Daioh to Chrome Shelled Regios, Hellsing, s-CRY-ed, Puni Puni Poemi, FLCL, Ergo Proxy, Ghost in the Shell (including the stand-alones), Fruits Basket. Just all over the board. I lost touch with Fairy Tail and I don't wanna catch up.

With Bleach's end I lost a good steady anime so I'm struggling to find something else to watch along side SAO. I could fall back on older animes I have saved like Trigun, Code Gaess, Gunslinger Girl, and a few others but I've seen them! I'll take all suggestions on anime you have. I'm willing to give every show a chance. So please throw out suggestions.

Embrace Your Rights
Grand Rapids, MI

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I'm watching Deadmans Wonderland based on it being on Toonami, the dub is god awful, I watch less than a minute of the main character, but the original isnt bad.

Jorgurmand is a recent series that is midway done, the second part will air I guess in Fall of 2012. It is kind of a twist between Black Lagoon and Full Metal Panic (both of those are good series in their own right) without the mecha.

Tsuritama is a funny SOL/Sci-Fi/Comedy about fishing and aliens. Even though the topic can seem a bit lame I really liked the series. It was part of the spring series.

I am also watching Space Brothers, which is nether action or comedy but is a really good show. I would suggest watching that even though it's not what you are asking for. I dont really know what genre it would fall into, it started in Spring of 2012 and is ongoing with from what I hear a 52 eposde run.

Otherwise for the most part Summer of 2012 is appearing to be rather lame.

They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security
~Benjamin Franklin

Calabash, NC
reply to Madcap
First, check out the summer 2012 thread - I (and others) make those threads to give people a heads up about what's new for the season and what they're about. You might find something that grabs you there. Date back to previous currently watching threads as well to get a recap on older stuff you might have missed. We tend to cover current as well as older but newly watched series. Personally, this season I like Total Eclipse and Humanity has Declined (Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita) Sword Art Online is really good as well, as you know.

If you're looking for long-running series, check out Fairy Tail or Hunter X Hunter Fairy Tail episodes can be found on Funimation's site, as well as your favorite torrents. CR only holds 4 weeks worth of episodes on the site, and it's only for paid subs. Hunter is on CR as well.