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Help setup Linksys SPA112 with 2 VOIP acc. and one phone

Hi Guys,
I would appreciate is someone could help me out setting my SPA112. I am using Linksys X3000 ADSL2+ and SPA112 with two VOIP providers. Have only one phone Siemens Gigaset AS285 attached to Line 1.
What I need is to be able to answer and receive calls from provider through SIP 1 and make outgoing calls with provider through SIP 2. I read somewhere on this forum that you can use dialling plan to switch between the providers what I would prefer instead of forwarding as I dont need incoming calls from SIP2. So if its possible I would like to use #5 as indication for outgoing call using second SIP provider when dialled before the number.
The other thing is that my SIP 2 provider need numbers to be dialled in full international EU format starting with 00. So if it would be possible to add in the dialling plan a IF the number is dialled with one zero on front (0XXX XXX XXX), to replace the one zero with 00 421 (00 421 XX XXX XXX). But if dialled in full to leave it as in EU the digits behind the country code can vary depending on country dialled.
Then on my default SIP 1 I would like that the dial plan accepts local dialling including short numbers like 0216666 or 16 666.
I really would appreciate any step by step guide on this, as I am not that good as most of you guys out here.