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reply to gar187er

Re: [Wi-Fi] What gateways does Comcast use for HSI

said by gar187er:

very true, locations on the network can vary performance....

also to the OP most areas carry Arris gateways and SMC gateways.....you may think gateways are great, but they arent....

why do you say her setup worked better? there are quite a few factors that play into wireless speed/coverage.

What he said, the gateways are ok for a small, secluded connection, and by small I mean apartment sized but not an apartment otherwise you have 15 of them stacked on top of each other plus cordless phones all using 11 channels and it just does not work out in the end. If you live in an apartment you want to go buy a 5Ghz router, if you live in a house its too damn big for that hunk of junk gateway's range anyway so you want to buy a better router and use that, unless you only use your wireless in one central location and not extremities like a bedroom or garage.

As to her setup working better it could be as simple as you put the fitting on right that time, in all honestly or a different jumper that was not solid core 59, or any number of small things that can fix an internet connection that is going bonkers. We have ubee modems and emta's, but not gateways in my FFO. Arris and SMC only so far.