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i'm not sure what this means.

Is he saying he wants to kill peoples ability to get 3g and 4g in their house? Not sure what the term rural broadband service means.

Warner Robins, GA
Reality strikes. If everyone in a rural area starts using the existing LTE system like a decent cable or DSL connection, the service quality in that area could be severely degraded. Cellular wireless cannot handle the load of extreme usage. So Verizon wants customers to use another source if possible for big downloads, big uploads, or high bandwidth streaming. Interesting opportunity there for traditional fixed base WISPs to use TV white-space to provide the alternative source.

Rural broadband is broadband in areas where people have farms, small towns that support farms, and similar low density population areas. I live in the city of Warner Robins, GA which is inside the county of Houston. Even though we have a large military base next to the city, we have several areas in the county that are classified as farming areas, thus those areas may qualify as rural broadband areas according to the USDA. We actually have a few very small housing development areas that could have buyers qualify for USDA backed loans, because they were created inside the USDA recognized rural farming areas. There are areas that could qualify for USDA grants or loans to extend rural broadband access.