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[Extension] Fx: HackTheWeb 1.3.1: IsolateNowSaves 2 Stylish!

Fx: HackTheWeb 1.3.1: Isolate ( & More ) Now Saves To Stylish!

Users pairing HackTheWeb with Stylish will now give similar ability to "clean up" pages that they had for years with Aardark and RIP.

HackTheWeb now offers the ability to save your changes to a script. Save to Stylish, its the dawn of a new day .

- Isolate now saves to stylish.
- *WHOOT* all toolbar actions now save to stylish!
- Implemented: Remove, DeWidth, Isolate, LilyWhite and Black-on-White.

- Scripts are presented in a much cleaner, easier-to-understand way.
- Save to Stylish code updated.
- Resolved outstanding issue regarding unsanitized data.

* Big thanks to luckymouse for helping with the Isolate CSS.
* Big thanks to Kris Maglione his help with the unsanitized data issue.
[Emphasis added]


For those needing these functions, lost since the demise of Arrdvark, this is a huge time saver for work, and/or causal, sane, page display.

The one click export of these clean-up functions to Stylish has been working very well. The major shortcoming, as far as I can tell so far, is that Stylish, unlike RIP, does not allow for customizing a specific desired url, or range of urls with wildcards, with-in a selected domain.

One major security benefit of using these tools, instead ones like Firefox Reader, is that clean-up is facilitated, without having to resort to the potential loss of the protection that blocking scripting gives. There is no need to Whitelist to Trusted in NS for them to clean it up.