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Lindenhurst, NY

Hold on sprint

At this rate all sprint has to do is make sure they stay in business. They only have to wait. Soon they will be getting a ton of new customers.


Binghamton, NY

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Don't count on it. For better or worse the vast majority of consumers only use their phones for web browsing, e-mail and the occasional funny Youtube video clip. I manage dozens of smartphones for my employer and I've only got ONE user who regularly uses more than 1GB of data. Most of my users use <500MB and our average is around 350MB.

People around here can't grasp the concept that the average consumer doesn't see much of an impact from data caps and overages, be it on landline or wireless.


Your comparison of a company owned smart phone vs a personal smart phone doesn't work. I really dont think any intelligent person would use a work provided phone that the company pays for and can probably monitor is used the same as a personal smart phone. You really want to employer to find out that while on the job you were watching you-tube, texting your new GF (sexting), burning their minutes calling your mom, Downloading games, playing games, skyping, webchat, and watching netflix? Your lone user that uses a GB of data is probably doing more then just "work" related stuff because he doesn't have a "real" smart phone. Company provided phones and personal phones are used VERY differently.


El Paso, TX
reply to Crookshanks
OK, and you think wireless data is somehow not related to the exponential growth we see in every other area of computing?
Just for how long do you think people will use the Internet for just web browsing and e-mail?
The only thing holding back the "next generation Internet" at this point are providers and they can only hold back progress for so long...
The fact is, I don't see telcos I. The future of the Internet, but for now they'll suck our wallets dry.


Binghamton, NY
said by Kamus:

Just for how long do you think people will use the Internet for just web browsing and e-mail?

We aren't talking about the internet we are talking about wireless data services. The only application that consumes enough data to be worrisome for the typical user is video. People who want to watch movies on a tiny cell phone screen are and will remain in the minority.