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Portsmouth, RI

At least new users aren't FORCED onto this plan

like Verizon users.

I'm looking forward to getting a new phone this fall since I only have 3 months left of my contract and keeping my current plan(s) for voice($30 after discount/450min), data($18.75 after discount/2GB, and text($5/200, not offered anymore).

All you haters and complainers feel free to leave. The more of you leave the better service I'll have. I've had no issues with service where I live and get a very nice discount through work, and once you are on contract I've found my bill doesn't change at all(as it shouldn't) so I haven't had billing issues. Around here you'd think I am the only person who is satisfied with their service, sheez.

West Tenness
said by ak3883:

like Verizon users.

If you don't like Verizon's plan then you don't have to go with them so you aren't "forced" into anything. How can a non customer be "forced" into purchasing a product they don't want? They can simply to go another carrier that doesn't have share plans as the only option.