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[DSL] Modem IP/Router IP. Connection or relay?

Hello. I recently learned that my internet connection by entering my TS credentials in my router was a relay sent through the modem, and the modem wasn't actually connected itself. This would prevent the upcoming Cellpipe firmware from coming in.

I entered my credentials in the modem itself and it now has a PPPoE connection.
I did an info comparison for the router and modem. The Gateway's and DNS's match but they have different WAN IP's.

When I checked my IP online it showed the one from the router. Would this mean that even though my modem is connected the router is still connecting through the relay? Or would it just show the router IP since the computer used for the search is connected to the router?

My concern is, if I do have 2 connections (the modem connection and router relay connection) that when the firmware rollout comes around it may chose the relay instead of the modem and thus the update is not applied.

Anyone have any input? It is something that's not a concern or should I get some direct help?