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Toronto, ON

Need help, and not getting it from Teksavvy

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Bit long story, my last hope maybe someone has some idea where to go next.
I have cable internet and voip service with teksavvy, service was ok for awhile and than started having lots of t3's and t4's on logs with service going down often. few rogers tech's came by and replaced connector at the pole and was fine for a few months. about 2-3 months ago (around time upstream bonding started) i started having lots of disconnects. Usually power cycling the modem solved the problem for a few days, another ticket was open, roger tech came by and signal was good at the time, he poited out in his laptop other open tickets in this area, i was not isolated incident. He told me would talk to supervisor and let me know. Nothing got done and things have gotten way worst since, its to the point internet down all the time, we have to cycle modem every few hours to get internet and at times that doesn't work either. Have yet another ticket open, i have posted countless screenshots of modem signals, tracer routes and everything teksavvy has asked, seems more like stalling tactic than getting to a solution. For some reason i don't understand they refuse to escalate this. Tech support seems mostly clueless on what to do and they much rather loose a customer than try to get Rogers to fix this. the screenshot attached, shouldn't be proof that something wrong with connection? They keep requesting things but won't escalate or even try to do anything. What can i do? I don't want to go to DSL or give any money to bell, going different isp and cable will likely endup same dilemma, should i try to get rogers and than try to get them to fix whats wrong?
At this point i'm ready to leave teksavvy, they simply don't seem to give damn about any of the problems i have, but where do i go?



Mississauga, ON
I dont think you're alone on this one. I'm in Mississauga, and am having the same issues. I haven't posted in direct yet, because i'm pretty sure there are a bunch of people in the same situation.

Nepean, ON
reply to tonytoronto
I'm sure they do "give a damn" but Rogers provides no SLA or service guarantees on the cable side and TekSavvy has no way to escalate issues, everything goes through Rogers wholesale support.

The only thing you can do is keep getting TekSavvy to ping Rogers and get everyone in your neighbourhood to do the same thing so that hopefully Rogers support will get it escalated somewhere.

Normally, Rogers own customers calling about problems frequently would get it escalated to engineering but perhaps your neighbours have been silent about the issue.