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Plano, TX

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reply to aguen

Re: [Southwest] So I ordered 150/35 in Murphy, TX

Heh yea, it's pre-quantum price for now, at least until quantum business hits, rumors say it will to be late August. I figure I'm going to get royally screwed on billing but I'm a seasoned verizon billing warrior now so I expect to fight many battles on this front after the upgrade and additional Quantum price jump. I expect to get gouged for 1 month if they can actually pull off getting all the equipment setup for GPON, but at least I'll be in before the business side rush (I know many businesses in my area will be upgrading to it)

My local distro hub is BPON, which is why they said they needed to upgrade it. I hope it gets upgraded before my truck roll next Tuesday, otherwise they'll just be wasting his gas. I anticipate it will not be done honestly and most of this month will be spent waiting on the CO upgrade.


Plano, TX
Which hub are you connected out of if I might ask? Hub/CO one and the same?

Grants Pass, OR
CO (Central Office) feeds out individual fiber trunks to localized areas in a community, from there, many hubs distribute the local fiber connections directly to customers. In the early days of Fios deployment the CO's and hubs used BPON only links. where I live, is predominately BPON.


Plano, TX
reply to Teasip
I think I'm connected to the east plano CO (the one in the old part of downtown Plano). In Verizon's FiOS location DB they consider me Plano instead of Murphy.

There is another CO in Garland which is about the same distance though, but it's slightly further away