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Avon, NY

[TWC] 8240HDC Diagnostic Mode

I have TWC from Batavia NY and have had issues with sound drop outs and video pixelation on one of two TV's. The one with issues is connected via HDMI to an 8240HDC. The other is connected via component video to a 4240HDC. I had wanted to compare the two TV's signal qualities from the diagnostics menu (because some HD stations also go out on the 4240). I recently received a TWC firmware upgrade for both boxes. Unfortunately, when I got into each box's diagnostic mode (for both boxes: press and hold "select" until mail symbol flashes, then press Channel-), I found the signal level information was no longer displayed. Twenty three pages, but most was virtually insignificant info.

Does anyone know of another diagnostic sub-menu I might be able to access or has detailed signal info been removed from diagnostics?


Fremont, OH

Try holding the power button on the remote, once the power led on the front panel starts blinking release the button and press again to go to another diag screen. this is true on the DVR but unsure of the other model.


reply to hunter548

Press and hold select on your remote until the envelope flashes and press the down arrow key. Around page 4 or 5 you'll see QAM signal levels and BER qualities with Cor/Uncor

Steve Mehs
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reply to hunter548

Hold down Select on the remote until the light blinks and then press the up arrow button. All the signal info is right on Page 1.


Avon, NY
reply to hunter548

Thanks all...select and up arrow did the trick.