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reply to Hammerfest

Re: When did AT&T decide to jip people on the Elite package?

said by Hammerfest:

well they told me id be using the Motorola modem and not the 2Wire... if that helps at all... but im REALLY far out as it is, only qualify for the 6Mb package for uvurse (no phone/tv) and originally only qualified for 3Mb DSL...

I believe you would have been limited to 3Meg if you were just far enough out that ADSL would not sync reliably at 6016kbs. It could be that ADSL2+ will just barely sync within tolerance over the same copper run.
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When I first looked up my address with uvurse, it showed only 768k, now it shows the 6Mb package...

didnt get to call today... was sooo busy...

Oh, and it did sync reliably... no errors I could tell, and none that displayed on my dsl modem (i never use supplied modem, so I can check the stats), and when they did the initial test before they approved me, they told me the line held just fine up to 7.5Mb so the 6Mb package was a go for me (years ago when I first got DSL), after the fiasco with the theft, the last test they told me it only tested to 6.8Mb...