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Henryetta, OK
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Re: Initial investment for setting up ISP

There's no cookie-cutter template for this.

Most of us in here started our WISPs because there was a need in the community with no one to fill it. So we started with what we had (5K in my case) and made up for what we lacked with hard work and no life.

I still work a fulltime job and only put about 5 hours a week into my WISP. I'm approaching 75 subs and could pay myself a decent salary for my time, but choose not to for the time being. All the $ goes right back into the business to grow it.

Before you even THINK about money you need information and a plan. What area(s) are you going to serve? How many houses will your prospective transmitter sites pass over? What speeds are you going to offer? Who is your competition?

How much to spend comes after you know the answers to those questions, and have used them to formulate a plan for getting from point A to boint B. It's like a trip. If I don't know what I'm driving or where I'm going, there's no way to know how much the gas is going to cost.

Go back to the drawing board.



Thanks a lot Jim_p_prince7,

I have already done the market feasibility study and know my probable customer. At this moment I am planning three different speed options for clients, 2mbps down & 512 up, 4 down & 1 up and 8 down & 2 up. I know my competitors and have done SWOT analysis and PEST analysis.By the way I am a management student and this is a part of my study. But I understand technical things as I have worked with ISP and different telecom organisations. Hope I will get some help from professionals.