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This is a sub-selection from Oh Frontier.

Broadway, NC
reply to daake07

Re: Oh Frontier.

said by daake07:

I've given up on Frontier. They have more outages than any company I deal with and their service is usually awful. I had one location with consistent 10% packet loss, they resolve the issue by lowering the packet size without telling customers thus causing several websites to not load until we found out they changed that.
I have another location that has had congestion for over 6 months and they've done nothing to resolve it. I called in every week for over 2 months, but they barely recognize the issue even exists.

I had Samknows set up at my previous apartment with Charter and I usually tested at 15.3/3.1....I was happy with that.

Ironically, I too have some Verizon DSL locations that are less than stellar...I'm glad I'm not the only one noticing their service is poor....wait a minute perhaps I'm being too hard on Frontier, they purchased the terrible service from Verizon.

Lol - at least Frontier is consistently bad. Windstream goes from mediocre to bad and refuses to fix the issues in my area even through the problems have been going on for several years now...
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